“Orbit” (January 27, 2017)

I fell in motion as simple as that, gravitating towards your dreams

Along the way I lost sight of mine, telling myself its not what it seems

Delusional I was to give in that much, when I dont even have much weight

Believing in the illusion I made of  me being on the narrow and straight

Its an orbitting force  that circulates and something eventually has to give

but it wont be me, thats for sure, thats not how i plan to live.

You cant cage a bird and be mad it wont fly, what are you asking?

Im a free spirit, fallen, and self assured and I dont know me but im different.

So dont tie my wings up and look at me with pity, blaming me for not fighting back.

I build in silence, I fly alone, and trust in another soul, i never had.


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